Too many responsibilities, demands from every side, not enough technical time, ultimately doomed to mediocre performance. Sounds like a God Object to me.

The (un?)natural evolution

You’ve got your successful software business and your core cadre of hard-hitting devs. Thing is, you want to do a lot more, so your company is hiring…

Software engineers tend to be enamored with complexity. Yes, systems and programs are complex by nature. But the truth is a little more … sinister.

Who does complexity benefit ?

Complexity actually is quite advantageous — for the individual developer.

With a complicated codebase, the architect can impress people with their personal raw intelligence. New…

Unlike app development, QA automation always deals with two codebases, always in parallel: the automation code, and the actual application under test. Let’s take a look at the relationship between these two — specifically, stable and unstable branches, and how “cross-targeting” these branches can improve your automation efficiency big time.

A Tale of Two Repositories

Maintaining a stable branch

Espresso tests are pretty unwieldy out of the box. Here’s a take on better architecture through layers.

Lessons from the Browser Age

Web test automation has a best practice called “Page Object Models”, which separates test code into two parts:

  1. An abstraction layer which models the application under test
  2. Business…

Add Lightness | Better Testing, Better Software

A software dev in test thinking against the grain. “To go faster, simplify, then add lightness.” ~Colin Chapman #cleancode #minaswan #innovate

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