Better Android automation with Mobile Prism

  1. An abstraction layer which models the application under test
  2. Business use cases which leverage page models execute the tests.
# login.rb
# login_page.rb
class LoginPage < SitePrism::Page
element :username, “input#username”
element :password, “input#password”
element :submit, :xpath, “//button[@title=’submit’]”
# login_test.rb
Espresso out of the box. The documentation claims we can write “beautiful” tests. I suppose someone might consider a Chevy Cavalier beautiful … compared to a Plymouth Reliant. Smh.
Test execution code can focus on describing a use case.
Screen model implementations — stupid simple.
Attaching PrismElements to Screens.
Instantiating PrismElements. Pass an android, or a Hamcrest matcher.



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Add Lightness | Better Testing, Better Software

Add Lightness | Better Testing, Better Software


A software dev in test thinking against the grain. “To go faster, simplify, then add lightness.” ~Colin Chapman #cleancode #minaswan #innovate